This Strategic Plan serves as a planning and performance management tool that aims at directing and monitoring overall corporate activities of CENTRAM over the next five years. The process to develop the plan has been participatory and consultative, benefiting significantly from the involvement of CENTRAM management as well as other stakeholders. In order to identify strategic issues to be addressed, the planning process included analysis of stakeholders needs; SWOT & PESTLE analysis; review of current strategic plan; industry trends and relevant literature in the training domain.

The strategic planning framework adopted is based on the Integrated Strategic Planning and Performance Management (ISPPM) approach, which is a result oriented strategic planning process which links the day to day Actions to the Vision (A2V), it is a valuable tool for clarifying and translating organization’s Vision, Mission and Strategy to actionable initiatives.

The ISPPM approached involved carrying out stakeholders’ analysis, where primary and secondary customers were identified together with their perceived needs. As part of the process, situational analysis was carried out using SWOT and PESTLE analysis where the strength and weakness internal to the organisation, and the opportunities and threats external to the organisation were  identified and the macro environment scanned and the results for both analysis were   used to identify the current and potential strategic enablers (strength and opportunities of a strategic nature) and strategic challenges/pains ( weakness and threats of  a strategic nature) pertaining to CENTRAM as a training institution. Arising from the strategic challenges and anchoring on strategic enablers, strategic issues were identified and the following strategic objectives were developed to address the issues identified:

  • Improved customer satisfaction and experience
  • Improve institution visibility & international recognition
  • Improve programme scheduling
  • Reduce cost of service delivery
  • Increase turnover
  • Improve institutional capacity
  • Strengthen collaboration with regulatory agencies & industry players

In order to direct CENTRAM efforts effectively, three pillars or areas of focus were developed namely: Business Growth, Strategic Partnership & Positioning, and Customer Experience upon which the strategic objectives were aligned as building blocks to meet the needs of the key stakeholders of CENTRAM as it fulfill its Mission which is the reason for its existence.

The elements of strategic foundation namely the Mission, Vision and Core Values were also validated taking into account strategic issues identified in the stakeholders and situational analysis carried out. A strategy map linking strategic objectives in a cause & effect relationship to each other was developed for each pillar and later combined as a corporate strategy map. Measurable outcomes or results for each strategic objective were developed together with the attendant strategic initiatives to action the strategic objective.

The implementation of strategic objective and initiatives shall be monitored and evaluated using performance scorecards over the strategic planning period.

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