Course Overview
For a successful career as an auditor means acquiring a thorough understanding of diverse audit tools and techniques . Professional Audits now   require an  understanding of  data analysis, sampling and analytics, and Audit Command Language (ACL). This course is geared toward IT auditors, financial and operational auditors, IT professionals, and data analysts.

Course Objectives

>After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Characterise the Computer-Assisted Audit Tools (CAATs)*
>Learn and use Audit Command Language (ACL)
>Use generalised auditing software,case ware IDEA
>Recognise and understand the importance, nature and objectives of an information systems audit
>Identify and characterise the main areas of expertise in information systems auditing
>Understand how to audit various computer environments
>Assess general and application controls in various computer environments.
>Understand and apply Computer Assisted Audit Techniques.
>Demonstrate proficiency in the use of computer audit software.

 Who should to attend
>Auditors  without  formal  training in IT auditing.
>IT Auditors who want to refresh their skills in the field of IT auditing.
>Auditors & IT professionals who are interested in obtaining the skills to conduct an IT audit.

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