Course Overview
The Corporate Communication & Media Relations course is a discipline in professional knowledge and skills in communication, applied to corporate management, in institutions of government, commerce and Industry, non- profit agencies and academia.

The expertise and skills required of PR practitioners include the strategic handling of tools and channels for information distribution and retrieval, to build relationships with individuals and target groups or “publics” through planned Action and Communication via mass media, new media, and person to person.

 Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :

>Identify various communications roles within an organization

>Develop key messages according to a specific context and set of objectives

>Understand and use effectively certain communications and public relations processes

>Construct a realistic communications plan

> Appreciate how communications affects an organization

>Understand the core activities with which corporate communications is involved in order to understand which activities are appropriate in which circumstances

> To understand how to identify the key issues for an organization facing a particular issue and be able to determine the action required in order to achieve an objective

Who should to attend
Corporate Communications & PR  Managers/Officers,

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