Course Overview

Deciding when a corporate restructuring is appropriate and managing the process well have become increasingly important skills for executives in the last several decades. The leading Califonia Management Review Article “When Does Restructuring Improve Economic Performance?” provides an excellent conceptual and statistical overview of this trend. Summarizing research on 5,000 company restructurings, the authors distinguish and describe situations when three types of restructuring─portfolio, financial, and organizational─are successful.

This course is designed to develop, challenge and inspire management teams of any level and equip them with the must-have skills and knowledge to effectively manage continuous change. The course  will enhance delegates’ understanding of change. The programme is based on the latest research and practice in the field, combined with the practical application of new knowledge and skills to work-based situations.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Identify the situations in which restructuring can add substantial value or create opportunity
>Identify the best restructuring option and realistic solutions
>Understand, use of financial valuation tools and credit tools to assess the potential value gains available through restructuring
> Understand the issues on tax, legal, and regulatory compliances that feature any restructuring actions
> Develop negotiation skill sets to communicate effectively with the corporate stakeholders
> Enforce  an effective decision-making and execution process that enables the organisation to formulate and act on restructuring plans in a rational, systematic way
>Understand the drivers for change
>Understand why employees resist change
>Analyse and overcome the barriers to change
>Understand which steps need to be taken to ensure change is managed and implemented effectively

Who should to attend
>Managers, HR practitioners and anyone who is responsible for implementing, guiding restructuring and managing change. It will help to develop their skills and knowledge in effective corporate restructuring and change management tools and techniques.

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