Course Overview
Results-based leadership is essential in successful organizations today. Organizational leaders must identify measurable targets and then continually re-visit the efficacy and status of these benchmarks. This course in  Corporate  Strategy & Performance Management provides practical tools to determine where an organization is going and how well it’s getting there.

Participants will examine elements, approaches, and models for successful management at the strategic level. The course will prepare participants  to communicate outcomes to various stakeholder

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
Formulate an effective organizational strategy and express it in the form of a strategy map
Provide a framework for implementing an organizational strategy in the form of a complete balanced scorecard at any level of the organization
Use a variety of well accepted and innovative measurement techniques and approaches for outcomes, customer/client value propositions, processes, and organizational learning and growth factors
Use effective presentation and reporting techniques to report organizational results
Recognize valid techniques for measuring psychological and interpersonal factors in organization

Who should to attend
Human capital and organizational development managers,
Business analysts, and management consultants responsible for creating, evaluating, and administering performance systems in organizations.
Professionals focused on organizational strategy, performance and development

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