Course Overview
While most developing countries complain of lack of adequate resources to meet their development needs, support received from donors tend to be either underutilized or wasted. As a result governments in developing countries seeking funding from donors to help finance development projects or programs are required to sign Bilateral or Multi lateral agreements promising to follow procurement guidelines which are always stipulated or referenced in the agreement. However, most implementing agencies of donor funded government development projects are yet tohave a clear grasp of the procurement guidelines of the Key donors.This is further complicated by the fact that there is a greater surge in the number of Multi lateral agreements in funding development projects in developing countries as more donor agencies tend to favour pool funding. In this case various donor countries join the World Bank in financing large programs or projects.

Most governments are now developing multi-year programs which means resources are better organized as longer periods of planning are undertaken by respective governments. The advantage of this approach is removing duplication of funding from different donorsfor same projects and also the ease of using one single procedure to manage all donor funded procurement, usually either as provided by the lead donor or agreed upon by the pool of donors.

As much as recipient governments complain of cumbersome and difficult donor procurement guidelines & procedures, they must place greater emphasis on having a procurement professionals who understand the donor procurement requirements and are therefore in a position to give direction on efficient & effective use of the donor funds. This  course therefore seeks to give the participants the confidence to efficiently & effectively manage procurement activities of donor funded projects by comprehensively discussing and understanding the procurement requirements of the key donors to developing countries

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
Understand the procurement and contract principles and procedures for donor funded projects
Meet donor funded project audit requirements to ensure compliance with standards and methods within existing legal and administrative framework.
Analyze and interpret projects/programs TORs effectively.
Learn how to harmonize donor funded procurement regulations with those of the recipient country.
Effectively manage multiple donor procurement requirements.
Meet donors’ reporting requirements in a timely manner.

Who should to attend
Head Procurement & Disposal  Units
Project Procurement Managers/Specialists
Project administrators
Project Accountants
Contracts committee members
Project Officers

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