Course Overview
Communicating effectively and having good interpersonal relationship are prerequisites for achieving success in modern world because as the environment becomes more competitive, it is vital to enhance our virtues without exaggerations. We need to maintain our principles while having the smoothness and flexibility in managing human relationships.

This course aims to give participants key skills and strategies to effectively communicate, both in face-to-face communication as well as teleconferencing and e-mail writing, within their organisation and between other organisations while improving interpersonal skills. It will provide a comprehensive framework in making effective communications with others and to enable participants to use their competitive advantages to create a prosperous future in their career.

 Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :

>Identify and overcome barriers to effective communication

>Describe the different styles of communication to gain a better understanding of their own communication style

>Apply specific skills required for effective interpersonal communication in the workplace

Who should attend
Managers /Officers in all departments

Administrative Professionals

All those  who wish to improve on their communication and interpersonal skills

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