Course Overview
Close to 5-30 % of national budgets of developing countries are donor funded with strick reporting requirements. There is need to ensure that the donor funded projects are managed in accordance with agreements and accepted financial management standards. In addition, the auditing function for donor funded projects remains at the core of sustainability. Auditors responsible for these functions need to be well equipped with skills to manage the function. Proper financial management of donor funded projects is a requirement for additional funding.

Development partners expect prudent financial reports submitted within the timeframes stipulated in the project document. Target beneficiaries also expect value for money through various products. Dilemmas that characterize the finance and audit processes for project managers and auditors within donor-funded project settings can be daunting if the project team is ill-equipped in the finance and audit functions. This is particularly so that  accountability for project financial and human resources lies with the project managers. This course is designed to equip the participants with hands-on skills on finance and audit management for donor funded projects and programmes

Course Objectives

After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Apply Financial management principles in donor funded projects
>Identify risk factors arising from fraudulent financial reporting
>Enhance internal auditing skills for success of donor funded projects
>Define types of auditing and identify red-lights and conduct value for money audits in donor funded projects and internal controls

Who should to attend
>Project Managers in organisations, including governments and public sector entities, that are currently managing or considering receiving donor funds
>Professionals in Government or NGO projects  ( Accountants, auditors, Procurement managers, Human resources managers, social workers and those who deal with donor funds)
>Managers in Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)
>Audit Committees
>Risk and compliance specialists

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