Course Overview

This course provides an opportunity to finance professionals to evaluate their current practices in financial planning and control in the increasingly dynamic and complex business environment. It gives participants an opportunity to be grounded in planning and control using latest modeling techniques. The course gives an insight in to financial modeling in a changing business environment and guides participants through from strategic planning to budget implementation and advance variance analysis for corrective measures.

The topics covered range from the basics of budgeting and control using “what if” analysis to the most advanced applications in budgeting and control using financial modeling. At the end of the course participants are expected to have expertise in the preparation of financial plan from strategy to operational plans/budgets; at the job behaviour level, to assist participants to effectively evaluate financial performance at various organizational levels, identify appropriate financial measures to be undertaken in various decision situations, and design and implement financial planning and control systems; at the organizational level, to assist clients improve their planning and control systems and at the learning level, to assist participants increase their knowledge in financial planning and control.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Provide detail understanding of public sector accounting environment
>Outline the key differences between public sector accounting and private sector accounting
>Provide an understanding of the public sector accounting standards and their application
>Underline the objectives of public sector financial management & accounting
>Provide legal and accounting basis for government accounting
>Provide an understanding of fraud and fraud detection mechanism in the public sector
>Provide best practices in public sector financial management
>Provide an understanding of power and control of public funds

>Provide detail budgeting process in the public sector
>Identify the constitutional safe guard of the Accountant General
>Compare, appraise and evaluate different financial management techniques
>Identify strengths and weakness of the major financial tools
>Demonstrate and understand public sector financial management concepts and terminology.

Who should to attend
-All those involved in financial planning, forecasting, budgeting and reporting
-Accounts officers /Accountants

-Heads of Finance
> Internal Auditors
-Strategy officers

-Professionals directly responsible for treasury and cash management functions
-Supervisory professionals responsible for monitoring financial risks, including liquidity, credit, interest rate or exchange rate risks

-Managers and financial decision makers, whose techniques for decision making and risk analysis will be improved upon by the tools, techniques, strategies and best practices offered by this program

-Professionals directly responsible for the implementation and execution of financial decisions made by other organizational executives and senior managers, who will gain a new perspective and appreciation for corporate decision-making processes and thereby benefit from shared values within their organization

-Those professionals with an interest in finance or aspirations to enhance their careers in the field of finance

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