Course overview
This course is designed to equip internal auditors to fight white collar crime within their organisations. White collar crime is a growing worldwide phenomenon. The forensic audit is one of the latest means to facilitate the prevention, detection, investigation and successful prosecution of economic crime, in particular fraud. It is a specialist area and involves the integration of accounting, auditing and investigative skills. The term ‘forensic’ means suitable for courts of justice or for public discussion and debate. Forensic auditing provides an investigation methodology and accounting analysis that is suitable to the court which will form the basis for discussion, debate and ultimately dispute resolution.

This course concentrates on practical advice for internal auditors in the fight against fraud, with focus sessions on deterrence, data mining and interviewing in a stressed environment. It provides an incisive analysis of how fraud occurs within an organisation and explains the latest techniques for fighting it.At the end of the course participants are expected to look beyond the computer screen with a legal mind.

Course objectives

>At the end of the course participants are expected to:

>Understand the need for and method of sound investigation in forensic accounting & audit

>Understand the concept of financial statements audit and forensic audit

>Understand frauds theory ( definition types and scale )

>Understand the different types of frauds and how they arise

>Master techniques for investigation with a legal mind

>Understand the importance of a well-defined investigation procedures in an organisation

>Develop effective performance monitoring and control systems

>Gain knowledge and skills in fraud investigation & interviewing

>Increased self-confidence with a higher level of emotional intelligence regarding forensic auditing



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