Course Overview
Support staff have a crucial role to play in contributing towards the effectiveness of the department. This course is designed to provide a basic introduction to the HR function and to show how support staff can help the HR team and the organisation achieve business success.

The course gives participants a basic understanding and appreciation of the role and scope of the function and key HR processes and procedures through open discussion and practical work. Participants will develop the knowledge and skills required to enhance their personal contribution and the effectiveness of their HR team.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :

>Understand the role and scope of the human resources function in contributing to their organisations’ success;

Contribute and add value to the HR function

>Utilise the knowledge, skills and aptitudes required to enhance their role

> Improve the effectiveness of HR information systems;

> Develop their interpersonal communications skills and deal with difficult situations

>Assist in the planning and organisation of the recruitment and selection process.

Who should to attend
Administrative Assistants in HR and Executive Assistants

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