Course Overview
In today’s world of rapid information flows, rising volatility, regulatory concerns and oversight, prudent management increasingly requires understanding and measuring risk. Merged or individual banks, securities dealers, insurance companies and industrial firms with significant financing operations even public entities , all require enterprise-wide risk management that may span many operations across currencies and locations in real time. Risk management establishes standards for aggregating disparate information, gathering data, calculating risk measures and creating timely reporting tools for management , credit, and operational risks. This course is designed for participants interested in understanding how large-scale complex risk can be quantified, needs to be managed and architect.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
Gain more knowledgeable about risk and risk management across their organization
Get upto date on new and emerging risks such as market and credit risk

Understand the latest approaches to risk analysis
be more effective at risk control
be ethical stewards informed on organizational governance
Who should to attend
Chief Internal Auditors
Chief Risk Officers
Risk Analysts
Internal Auditors
Audit Committees
Finance professionals
Risk and compliance specialists

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