Course Overview

It is widely acknowledged that fully functioning Integrated Financial Management Systems (IFMS) improve governance by providing real-time financial information that financial and other managers can utilise to administer programs effectively, develop budgets and manage resources. IFMS can also be a deterrent to corruption by increasing government transparency and accountability.
During the past decade, IFMS has been implemented in governments throughout the Africa and other developing countries with varying degrees of success. Where they have been introduced successfully, IFMS has improved public sector legitimacy, produced timely and efficient accounting for public resources, increased government accountability and transparency and opened the door for the audit of public accounts and strengthening of internal control in government units.

Course Objectives
>After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Encourages best practices in IFMS
>Provide opportunities for expertise in IFMS
=>Enhances compliance with the organisational networks by developing and using the common language of business for resource allocation in Financial Management
>Provide input for review of Financial Management Policy /Regulations
>Develops leaders and managers with understanding the dynamics of Public Sector Financial Management.

 Who should to attend
>Principal Accountants/Auditors
>Seniors Accountants/Auditors
>Finance Officers
>Senior Officers overseeing implementation of IFMS

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