Course Overview
Procurement activities must be skillfully monitored to ensure compliance and to realize organisational objectives within available resources. This course provide participants with objective, practical ways to monitor, evaluate, audit and ultimately control and manage different aspects of procurement performance and compliance. It also demonstrates a range of management controls and procurement best practice techniques that will uncover and minimize corruption. The course gives participants the tools to monitor their organisation’s adherence to procurement legislation, set procedures and best practice in order to successfully manage and quality assure the function.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>understand how monitoring and evaluation fits into a wider control framework and the full benefits these bring
>identify the key areas of the procurement cycle for effective monitoring and audit
>use a range of tools and techniques to monitor any part of the procurement process
develop appropriate risk and corruption prevention strategies
>use audit and observations skills to identify weaknesses and malpractice in the procurement function

Who should to attend
>Procurement managers
>Practitioners and auditors responsible for procurement performance
>Regulatory compliance, improved efficiency, effectiveness and value for money
>Audit Committees
>Risk and compliance specialists
>Parliamentary Accounts Committees (PAC)

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