Course Overview
Huge investment in public services and infrastructure are at the centre of national plans to boost economic growth and facilitate trade. With public financial resources limited, there is an appetite for the public sector to work in partnership with the private sector.

This course explains what PPPs are, where they are appropriate and how to make them work successfully in practice with a focus on effective planning, procurement and management. It also explores models of PPP, risk planning and sharing, commercial propositions, and how to build and manage partnership relationships

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>explain what PPP is in the context of national plans and sector strategies
>Evaluate PPPs and private sector finance options against traditional approaches
>Understand PPP in the context of risk management and mitigation
>Describe key activities across a PPP project’s life-cycle
>Appreciate the range of legal and contractual issues related to PPPs
>Adopt strategies to manage partner and private supplier relationships and contracts

Who should to attend
>Senior officials from planning and investment organisations, senior managers on investment and major project committees, senior procurement officials from the public and private sectors, and policymakers and parliamentarians interested in PPPs.

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