Course Overview
This course will develop the knowledge and understanding of participnats with respect to financial management within the public sector. Participants  will be introduced to the major financial tools used within the public sector. The course aims to develop the critical as well as the operational capability of participants in analysing and handling the above mentioned tools. The course intends to develop a capability and knowledge that participants  will be able to develop in their specific working environment.

This course is a must for all Accountants and auditors in the public sector. The course covers comprehensively all financial management and accountability issues in the public sector. It is a one stop course for all public sector financial management practices, both federal and unitary system of government and statutory bodies.

Course Objectives
=>After completion of this course participants should be able to :
=>Provide detail understanding of public sector accounting environment
=>Outline the key differences between public sector accounting and private sector accounting
=>Provide an understanding of the public sector accounting standards and their application
=>Underline the objectives of public sector financial management & accounting
=>Provide legal and accounting basis for government accounting
=>Provide an understanding of fraud and fraud detection mechanism in the public sector
=>Provide best practices in public sector financial management
=>Provide an understanding of power and control of public funds
=>Provide detail budgeting process in the public sector
=>Identify the constitutional safe guard of the Accountant General
=>Compare, appraise and evaluate different financial management techniques
=>Identify strengths and weakness of the major financial tools
=>Demonstrate and understand public sector financial management concepts and terminology.


Who should to attend

All those involve in management of public funds; Under Secretaries, Directors, Accountants in the Regulatory Agencies, Parastatal, Central Government etc
> Internal and External Auditors of Public Sector Organisations
>Members of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee
>Internal Auditors
>Audit Committees

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