Course Overview
This course  will be useful for staff who are required to ensure that freight, including goods, passengers  is moved from origin to destination in terms of stakeholder requirements, and in compliance with legislative requirements and international codes and practices. The course is also intended for fleet/transport managers & co-coordinators.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :

>Demonstrate an understanding of transport in the national economy.

>Understand the economics of multi-modal transport.

> Understand demand and supply elasticity.

>Demonstrate an understanding of fleet utilization as it relates to transport economics.

>Understand maintenance in transport economics.

>Describe the role players and their responsibilities in Transport and Fleet Management

> Understand the importance of managing Government vehicles effectively

>Understand and apply the procedure for outsourcing of Government Transport

>Exercise loss control in fleet management

>Understand the importance of the measurement and management of Transport and Fleet Management Performance

Who should to attend
Transport Managers/Officers
Fleet Supervisors
Fleet Managers/Officers

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