Course Overview
In a highly competitive business world, an organization’s staff can determine whether an organisation survives or  perishes. This course presents recruitment and selection as an essential component in recruitment planning. The role of recruitment and selection is examined in relation to an organization’s overall sustainability or viability. The course introduces participants to a wide range of issues, principles, practices and trends in recruitment and selection.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Describe the importance and centrality of recruitment and selection to an organization’s HR System
>Identify the major legal issues affecting recruitment and selection, and discuss recruitment and selection systems that meet legal requirements.
>Explain and apply the requirements for measures used in staff selection and recruitment to evaluate applicants fairly and in an unbiased fashion.
>Illustrate the role of competencies and performance management in recruitment and selection
>Evaluate the role that human resources planning, organizational and job analysis have in selection
>Explain the necessity and importance of establishing the reliability and validity of selection systems.
>List and describe the major types of job analysis techniques and their various outputs and its importance in developing reliable and valid selection systems.
>Describe the importance of developing and using scientifically sound subjective and objective measurements of job performance in selection and performance assessment.
>Describe the importance of developing a recruitment strategy that aligns with the selection system and with organizational objectives.
>Develop and participate in an interview process.

Who should to attend
Managers, supervisors or executives who are involved in the recruitment and selection process and in particular, want to improve their skills and techniques in conducting successful selection interviews.

Anyone who wants to feel confident and in control of selection interviews will benefit.

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