Course Overview
Even the most experienced professionals can lack effective presentation skills. They fail to prepare, are fearful in front of people, have poorly organized thoughts, and lack the confidence to engage and persuade an inattentive audience. In contrast, consider an organization where employees possess the know-how to deliver dynamic, compelling, and truly effective presentations time and again. Good ideas do not always get the attention that they deserve. Frequently, badly organized, wordy reports tend to hide important information, and the important messages are lost. This course is designed for anyone who produces reports and makes presenation and needs them to be understood and acted upon.

The course will enable individuals how to: 1) identify the presentation objectives, audience needs, and expectations; 2) use the “Presentation Planner” tool; 3) leverage powerfulbusiness communication and persuasion strategies, even in the face of fear; 4) use the “Visual Advantage” guidebook, learning how to use visuals effectively; and 5) prepare effective presentation notes, handle questions, and practice to perfection. It will also provide  report writting skills for different audience

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Understand systematic approach to report writing so that they can write better reports in less time and understand the requirements for preparation of effective proposals and tenders
>See how to use a number of easy-to-learn report-writing techniques
>Ensure their reports are well structured, that they flow logically and look professional
>Make their reports easier to read, and therefore to understand
>Make essential parts of the report stand out
>Develop effective and proposals for research, training and consultancy
>Present the information clearly and logically
>Review and address the challenges facing them in ensuring that they produce informative, actionable and effective reports

Who should to attend
All those involved in report writing and presentations, Junior, middle and senior managers who want to improve their reporting writing and presentation  skills.

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