Course Overview
Due to the global, political and economic changes, it has become necessary for many organisations  to undertake specific measures that would enable them to operate economically and profitably. Of all the ongoing re-structuring programs, none presents as serious implementation difficulties as the retrenchment program aimed at reducing staff to an economical number.

The staff members who retire after the normal retirement age also need to be assisted to make a smooth transition from an employed to self-employed status, and enabling them to fit into the societies that they retire into. This requires the management of trauma, removing of fears and other mental blocks that hinder the transition. For this reason, this course has been designed to  address and mitigate any negative physiological, physical, social and economic factors that retirees could experience and provide insights on how best to cope with life after retirement.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Familiarize themselves with what retirement entails
>Prepare themselves for retirement socially, physiologically and physically
>Manage changes in their lifestyles
>Effectively manage their financial retirement benefits
>Appreciate the procedure in starting a business
>Understand how to manage themselves after retirement
>Acquire skills necessary for managing a business.
>Prepare a business plan which can be implemented
>Cost and price their goods and services appropriately
>Keep relevant records for their business
>Identify different sources of finance.

Who should to attend
Those preparing for retirement in 5-10 years
HR Professional responsible for canceling and staff welfare

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