Course Overview
Today’s highly competitive business environment means that to be successful most organisations need to extend more credit to a wider range of customers. In the public sector there is increasing need to generate cash inflow to meet cash outflow.

To use this tactic successfully one needs to ensure that their organisation has a number of proven “tools of the credit trade” enabling them to successfully collect the monies owed to them. It is for this reason that this course was designed to enable debt collectors confidently and professionally collect more money, in less time; while retaining more customers’ goodwill

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>To manage existing debts satisfactorily
>To handle difficult debtors effectively
> To prepare reliable records pertaining to credit transactions
>To set criteria on which to evaluate applicants for credit facilities
>To improve participant’s  skills while dealing with customers

Who should to attend
>Credit controllers,
>Revenue /Debt Collectors
>Credit Officers, Sales& Marketing Staff

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