Course Overview
The key differentiation between good and great organisations is their ability to find, develop and retain talent. With the advent of the banking crisis and the subsequent world recession, organisations across the world have had to make cuts, yet realizing like never before that the retention and continued development of key people in critical roles is the key to survival. This course covers new tools that reflect this new reality, in particular the necessity to find creative ways of retaining relationships whilst still letting some people go.

In addition, it continues to provide practical guidance, checklists, activities and tools to enable you to: – clarify what talent management and succession planning actually are, identify the talents your organisation needs now and in the future, set up talent management and succession planning processes, including managing, developing and retaining talented individuals, and attracting those individuals in the first place, train your managers on your policies and processes, benchmark and evaluate your policies to measure their success.

Are your organisations Talent management and succession planning policies ensuring you the ability to employ and retain key staff members, with resulting success for your organisation through an in-depth exploration of the challenges and complexities attached to talent management and succession planning, this training program will assist you in gaining the skills and principles required to draft and implement a successful Talent Management and Succession Planning policy.

Appointment and retention of talent support the business objectives of an organisation. It builds both internal and external relationships and it reduces business costs attached to a high staff turnover. This training course will provide techniques on how to set up performance management systems, retain scarce skills in your organisation, how to do succession planning to increase organisational performance and how to identify and grow talent.

Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Understand the challenges of talent management
>Develop a talent management strategy

Understand practical measures to address the risk of talent flight
>Acquire motivational tools for employee management
>Understand the role of leadership in managing talent
Who should to attend
>Corporate Services Managers
>Transformation Managers
>Human Resources Managers/Officers

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