Course Overview

The recent, massive financial crisis that created  havoc around the world caused considerable savings and wealth to evaporate as a result of the substantial losses caused by this tidal wave of financial ruin that occurred in financial markets on a global basis.Treasury and cash management functions are now regarded as vital for the stability, security and financial sustainability.

This highly practical course offers a thorough grounding in treasury management tools and techniques. The course enables participants to maximize cash flows for their organization through effective fund allocation, while minimizing risk using appropriate measurement and management strategies.

The  course covers: treasury management – the varying roles, functions, responsibilities and techniques of ensuring organizational liquidity and profitability,Risk management – tools and techniques, along with best practices, to minimize or eliminate interest rate and exchange rate risks as well as utilizing the best available internal and external hedging instruments, Cash management – analyzing and understanding liquidity and portfolio investment returns.

 Course Objectives
After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Understand the roles, responsibilities, tools and strategies associated with treasury management, including international best practices and procedures
>Enhance financial management skills in terms of managing assets and liabilities liquidity issues

>Discuss the various types of risks associated with global organizations, namely interest, exchange, credit and  identify sources and methodologies of risk management in attending to these types of risks
>Examine the nature, risk and utilization of financial derivatives
>Understand the basic concepts of cash management in order to enhance organizational cash flows and maximize portfolio investment returns


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