Course Overview
Value for money and performance audit are always associated with the public sector only. This course  equips participants  from both public & private sectors with the understanding of a range of techniques for assessing the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of their business areas, functions, services and projects.The course provides practical advice and significant hands-on participation to ensure that participants  leave with knowledge not only of the theory behind VFM, but also how to put that theory into practice.

A range of scenarios will be covered, with candidates being given an opportunity to consider relevant topics of their choice. Participants will receive sample documents, diagrams and checklists that will support them in applying the concept within their daily jobs. The course is designed for internal auditors who are looking to expand their remit into VFM and performance reviews and, as such, a basic understanding and experience of internal audit procedures is assumed
Course Objectives
>After completion of this course participants should be able to :
>Discover the significance of value for money (VFM) and performance auditing
>Maximize audit benefit and understand its applicability to their business
>Make use of best practice developed in the public sector to drive real benefit

Know how to plan, deliver and report on VFM/performance audits Apply VFM auditing techniques to assess “economy, efficiency and effectiveness” in business
Produce reports that maximize impact, drive improvement and add business value
Who should to attend
>Internal Auditors
>Administrative Managers
>Practitioners and auditors responsible for procurement performance
>Regulatory compliance, improved efficiency, effectiveness and value for money
>Audit Committees
>Risk and compliance specialists
>Parliamentary Accounts Committees (PAC)

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